Lennox IPA (case of 12)

Lennox IPA (case of 12)

If there's a bandwagon to be jumped on, then we're probably already on it, halfway down the street and round the corner. Hell, we're probably driving the thing.


And thus, here we have our rendition of the current ale of the moment, the IPA. Or, in this case, the India slightly-pale ale. But that sounds naff, which is something our ales certainly aren't.

  • Serving

    Our beers are conditioned in the bottle and unpasteurised to preserve the natural flavours from the brewing process. This may give the beer a hazy appearance.


    For best results, please store vertically and serve in a dry glass.

  • Allergy advice

    Contains: Gluten

  • ABV


  • Vegan (in bottles)