Lennox Golden Ale 5L Mini Keg

Lennox Golden Ale 5L Mini Keg

Special Edition - Available to Pre-Order Now - Ready 10th October 2020


Lennox Golden Ale gives an auld Scottish favourite a modern twist...in a 5 litre mini keg!


With its blend of carefully selected grain and hops, it has been brewed by hand to provide a light and refreshing taste.


Its colour captures the hue of summer evening sun, and its crisp notes are a perfect accompaniment to barbecued food.


The keg is made entirely from recyclable tinplate and comes with a bung and handle for ease of use. The bung/tap sits close to the base, so you can enjoy every last drop. You won’t need any additional accessories to use this beer keg. Plus, it can be resealed, so you can keep some of the contents fresh for later.

  • Serving

    Our beers are cask-conditioned and unpasteurised to preserve the natural flavours from the brewing process. This may give the beer a hazy appearance.


    For best results, please chill, store vertically and serve in a dry glass.


    Consume within three days of opening.

  • Allergy advice

    Contains: Gluten

  • ABV


  • Vegan