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WELCOME, one and all, to the new Lennox Brewery blog!

So what, exactly, are we hoping to achieve with this blog thing then? Well, using traditional social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is a great way to interact with folk, but sometimes our posts can get lost amongst all the pictures of cats and folk ranting about Brexit...

By creating a blog site, we can go into a bit more detail about the in's and out's of the brewery - whether that be events that might be coming up, new products we're hoping to launch, or just trying to get feedback on our direction - the idea is to involve our customers, current and potential, and to help build our brand and reputation.

This is also something that is uniquely ours. On the other platforms, we're vying for your attention and so any updates tend to be a short, snappy and to the point. On this site, we can slow things down a bit, letting us take our time and go into some depth about what's happening in our world.

Feel free to comment in the Disqus thread below with your thoughts, suggestions, feedback - anything you feel you want to tell us. You can also email us at and we'll try to reply as soon as possible!


The Lennox Lads

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