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Now Available at The Ashton, Helensburgh

Our Golden Ale pump clip at The Ashton

IF you've been following us on social media recently, you may have seen some photos announcing the arrival of our Golden Ale on cask at The Ashton in Helensburgh!

This is the first time one of our beers has been available on draft and we couldn't be happier to partner with The Ashton to make our ale available to the pub and its patrons. The folks over there have been really helpful to us over the last couple of weeks, not only for aceepting one of our beers to sell over their bar, but for their advice on getting the beer into the cask in the first place! Despite a couple of er... hiccups, we got there in the end!

If you'd like to sample a pint of Golden Ale on tap, head along to the Ashton on West Princes Street, Helensburgh. And don't forget to give us some feedback on either Facebook, Twitter or the comments below - or get onto Untappd and give the beer a rating!


The Lennox Lads

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