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New decade, new discount, new shipping options

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

To welcome in the new decade, we set up a nice little discount for online beer orders. Simply use the code 'JANBREWARY' at the checkout and get a cool 20% off your web order. Nice, huh?

However, due to a limitation of our e-commerce provider, this caused a bit of a conflict with people belonging in the intersection of the sets 'want 20% off' and 'want to collect'.

Venn Diagram intersection of "20% off" and "want to collect"

Apparently it's not yet possible to use more than one discount code in the same order. Urgh.

So, we've re-jigged things a bit. The short version is that the prices shown for our beers no longer include shipping; this is added at the checkout (based on weight).

The upshot is that our online prices are now the same as what you'd pay in person, so if you want to collect (remember to use the discount code above), order via the store, choose 'Pickup in Store' at the checkout, and we'll get it ready for you to come and collect.

Happy new year, and happy shopping!

The Lennox Lads.

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