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New Beer Thursday!

Box of beer bottles with one half raised in a teasing manner

HAPPY New Beer Thursday to you all!

As teased at the tail end of yesterday's blog post, we're pleased and proud today to announce the latest addition to our range of beers: Lennox IPA!

This is our take on the IPA, which is probably the most popular style of ale on the market at the moment. We've been working hard behind the scenes, trying to perfect our recipe, in the hope that we can bring something a little bit unique to an ever burgeoning marketplace.

Our version uses Maris Otter as the base malt, with oats added in for body. Then we blend three different hops - Saaz, Cascade and Amarillo - to give the beer a juicy, fruity flavour. If the weather decides to improve soon, this would be a great beer sip outside in the sunshine (it would taste just as good sitting inside, watching the rain run down your window as well).

It's always been our plan to extend our range of beers and the IPA was probably top of the list of styles we intended to create. We're both fans of the IPA and we know lots of you are too, so it's great that we're finally able to get this beer out for general release. We've been working on the recipe for a few weeks now, tweaking the ingredients and brewing small batches for testing (i.e drinking). Its a hard job, but somebody has to do it... :)

We also have the bit between our teeth now and there may be another couple of announcement in the next few weeks, possibly involving some more new beers... Watch this space!

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