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Haunbrewed in Scotland

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

It's been a while since the last blog post, so we figured it was probably time for an update! And what better thing to blog about, than our tagline - "Haunbrewed in Scotland".

So what does it actually stand for, as far as our brewery is concerned? Well, we're a pretty small operation at the moment. If you're familiar with beer - and craft beer specifically - you've probably heard the term 'microbrewery' before. At the most basic level, it usually refers to a small scale brewery that produces limited quantities of beer. And I guess that would describe us too. Except that we're probably even smaller than most other breweries - certainly in our own catchment area. You'd probably classify us as a macrobrewery!

And you know what? We're happy with that tag. Small can be beautiful too! And it gives us an advantage that larger craft breweries may not have. Given that we produce small batches every time we brew - probably between 50L to 90L at a time - we have the flexibility to produce different styles or types of beer, without having to wait for a huge fermentation vessel to become available. It also means if we want to brew some experimental stuff for you all to try out, we can do that relatively easily too.

Of course, being such a small operation means that we're never going to be able to saturate the market with our beer and so it'll take us a bit longer to become established. But given the level of support that we've had in the last 7-8 months - and the feedback we've received online - we're sure that we'll be competing in no time. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

But back to that tagline. How is it relevant to our brewery?

Well, the answer is; it's everything. It perfectly sums up how we work at the moment. Every beer you buy from us, has been handcrafted in our brewery. We measure the water out by hand. We measure the grain and hops out by hand. Everything involved in the brewing process is done by hand. We bottle and condition it all, then label the finished product by hand. There's a lot of hard work that goes into creating that bottle of beer sitting in your fridge.

A lot of that is out of necessity - we've looked into getting someone else to bottle and label our beer for us, but the volumes we currently produce aren't enough to justify it at the moment. And both of us - that's Iain & Andy, if you're not familiar! - work 'proper' jobs through the week, as we try to build up the business. We're also a small fish in a very, very large pond, trying to reach as many potential customers as possible and create a good reputation for ourselves. Being so close to the brewing process, we're able to tweak and alter everything until we're happy we're creating the best product that we can. And with the continued support of you, our valued customers, we can grow and expand and continue to create the beers that - we hope! - you love.

So now, when you drink one of our beers, that when it says 'haunbrewed' on the bottle, it really means it!


The Lennox Lads

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