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If you've been in to buy beer from us direct from the unit recently, you may have noticed that the pricing structure that we currently have in place is ...well, its needessly complicated. For info, this is how things currently stand:

I'm not entirely sure what the thinking was when we came up with those prices, but you'll all hopefully agree that they're a little confusing.

From this Saturday (6th April), we're going to be using a different pricing scheme that goes a bit like this:

All 330ml bottles: £1.50. All 500ml bottles: £1.95.

And that's it - simple, eh? This should hopefully make it easier for you, the customer, to know exactly how much your purchase will be before we ring it up and it helps us, as we don't need to remember 400 variations (slight exaggeration) in price.

We realise that for most of our beers, this is a slight increase over our original pricing. But we think - and we hope everyone agrees - that these are still really competitive prices when compared to other craft brands. Feel free to comment below or on our social mediachannels about these changes.

Now, after that bombshell, it only seems fair to finish with something a bit positive. So here's a teaser for our latest beer, which will also be available this Saturday. Come back tomorrow for the full reveal...!


The Lennox Lads

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