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Haunbrewed in Scotland



Lennox, an ancient region of Scotland founded in the middle ages, incorporates much of today's East and West Dunbartonshire, including the beautiful Loch Lomond.

Brewed on the banks of the River Leven, our beers are crafted to traditional recipes by our own fair hauns. We are inspired by the rich local history of our area, and the raw ingredients that our country provides. We brew our beers using as many locally-sourced products as possible.

Beers should be great, not bland. Every beer we produce has been fine-tuned to give the drinker the ultimate taste experience. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


4.5% ABV

Lennox Cranachan Ale is a traditional Scottish beer infused with raspberries and oats, along with honey straight from our local beehives.

This drink is a liquid homage to its namesake Scottish dessert, historically served at the end of summer to celebrate the harvest.

Like the pudding, it is best served chilled with good company.


4.4% ABV

Lennox Golden Ale gives an auld Scottish favourite a modern twist.

With its blend of carefully selected grain and hops, it has been brewed by hand to provide a light and refreshing taste.

Its colour captures the hue of summer evening sun, and its crisp notes are a perfect accompaniment to barbecued food.


6.4% ABV

If there's a bandwagon to be jumped on, then we're probably already on it, halfway down the street and round the corner. Hell, we're probably driving the thing.

And thus, here we have our rendition of the current ale of the moment, the IPA.

Or, in this case, the India slightly-pale ale. But that sounds naff, which is something our ales certainly aren't.


4.9% ABV

We get it. Some of you aren’t into the whole craft beer scene. Some of you just want a beer, plain and simple.

So, for all of you, here we have Lennox Lager. It may be a simple lager, but it’s anything but plain.

It’s been made, not manufactured, without compromise. Bud, this lager’s for you!


4.7% ABV

If there’s one thing Scots are famous for, other than bagpipes, whisky, and  failure to qualify for major sporting tournaments, it’s porridge. And what is porridge made from? Oats.

We celebrate this hardy, unassuming grain by blending it with quality malted barley, infusing it with fruity hops, and then letting it slowly ferment until it becomes smoother than a freshly shaved haggis. Bliss.



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